Tuesday, January 1, 2008


Searching for a site that contains everything related to shopping, lifestyle, fashion, Home, Family for sophisticated woman like yourself? Search no more as Grapevine.com will be your last stop!

A fun interactive site that feature 4 Grapevine girls, Gabby, Liv, Shannon and Raqui who love to share their lives, shopping tips as well as their professional insights, Grapevine.com is not an ordinary shopping site that you can find anywhere else because all the clothes and accessories or even the hotel featured in the series are click able and available for purchase online! Well, this is the different between the normal shopping site and Grapevine.com. Cool right?

For those who always dream to become a script writer could use this opportunity by participating in The Grapevine Blog as they are giving the viewers chance to contribute their own suggestions, comments, selections and choices! Well, you can share your fairy-tale story in there with the Grapevine Girls and the blog viewers! Check out the site right away for more shopping tips and stuffs!

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