Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Shopping For Baby Products

I think I can starts buying baby products now as we will be expecting the baby by end of March this year! Yes, it's a baby rat but NO! its not my baby. It's my sister's second child. Mind me!

Even though, on her second child, my sister still quite blur on baby products that is in the market because there are too many brands around which she need to check out the review and information of a certain products to check out the quality level of the products before deciding buying for the baby.

That is why, Lilaguide.com comes in handy! She will check out the web's first hub for real parent reviews of local baby stores and services to check on varieties of advised, tips and information supply by real parents that had the experiences dealing with the products they had tried on before. For my sister, this is the only way to check out the quality level as she did not have many friends that had become a parent like herself.


Anonymous said...

I thought is your baby

pisang goreng 115,NF said...

shopping baby product! ! ! Q

that means you..... you.......

babyfiona said...

johnnykiu - No lar..I clearly written there for my sister mah

pisang - yor! ur eyes got problem ler..i write there for my sister ler