Thursday, January 3, 2008

I Am Feeling Old..

My blog going to kill me. I am start to neglecting this blog and more to Mushie Why? I am also not so sure. Everyday I login to this blog, there is something there that don't look so appetite to me to continue to do any posting.. why? I also don't know. Maybe because new year, new blog? Thus, i go more to my new blog there to let out my craps.

New year..but I don't feel any part of my body seem to be newer..its getting older and aging day by day which I can hear some cranky sound coming out from a few parts of my body. I am OLD!
I know, many will ask me to think young, your body aging, never mind, when you think young, you will be young..

Ya right! The other day I think I am a baby and my body still aching like hell! My backache is killing me! 1 month already and its still not yet showing any sign of healing, even after I went for acupuncture!

Maybe I will just go over the site hosting this old lady mask and buy one for myself...


bokjae said...

Keep it up fiona! Hate to see you go! Happy New Year visit!

Apple said...

yea, it's hard to maintain multiple blogs. Wish you all the best in this new year and hope you recover soon. ^^

Paul said...

I hope u recover soon, Fiona.