Thursday, January 10, 2008

Oh Gosh!

Oh gosh! My hubby just came back with a new set of baseball bat and Baseball Gloves which cost him a bomb! He should have tell me first before he went and get the gloves as I would tell him to check out which can offer a better price and also in term of design as they have more selection! I know that his intention is good as he think that the gloves was very suitable for my nephew but I had to say this, the baseball gloves is way too big! The size is not suitable for a little kid moreover, the design was not so good compare those I saw in Kidsportsinc. Since my nephew is a left handed, normal gloves will not be suitable for him but in Kidsportsinc, it definitely will not be a problem as they do carter for left handed thrower.

Apart from gloves, also offers other kid sport equipment such as bats, helmet, soccers balls and equipment bags as well as street hockey equipment. It is a place that provides quality sporting good item that complete with everything a kid needs for their fun game. Well, now my hubby know where he can get better deal on sport equipment for kid, he will be sure next time, he check out before he buy anything.

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