Thursday, February 14, 2008

Malaysia 12th General Election Day

Pst pst..who you going to give your vote for har? What you don't know har? I also don't know lah but I only know we must go out and cast the vote on 8 March 2008.

Who said so?

Election Commissioner Abdul Rashid Abdul Rahman announced it this morning saying we must go out and go play the pangkah pangkah on 8 March 2008. 8 March 2008 is the Malaysia 12th General Election Day. No believe meh? All inside news and television already, don't believe go The Star and check yourself lah.

Anyway, saya nak bagi tahu ini yang dia cakap:-

Nomination day: 24 February 2008

Polling day : 8 March 2008 (go vote on this day)

So, kita sama sama pergi ya, sama sama pergi mengundi! Pst Pst, you still not yet tell me who you going to cast the vote ler...wei jangan lar lari wei!


janicepa said...

happy belated V day lah ... wat u doing bloggin at 11 something at nite ?? shouldnt u be busy making babies.. kekekee

babyfiona said...

janicepa - ehhem, our time is after 12.00 one :p
Happy V day to you as well :D

Ichitaka Leingod said...

i tell u if u tell me urs first, haha...

babyfiona said...

ichitaka - er..i also dont know who to vote to tell woh

bokjae said...

Hey fiona, ponder over this carefully for the future of your children depends on your vote!