Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Maggie Q the 9th Victim

Many are trying to get the photos released by someone who claim himself as "KIRA". This fellow must be too free and watched too much on the Japanese Anime "Death Note" thus he is trying to follow Kira's step and act like a god. Well, if that what he is thinking.

Anyway, After more than 2 weeks, thing are getting more and more interesting. First was Gillian Chung, then Bobo Chan, Cecelia Cheung, and then Vincy Yeung, Maggie Q and the list will never end as long as all the photos are still with the so called KIRA unless the police were great and smart enough to catch Kira before he release another batch of whoever actress that Edison Chen had been together with.

At the moment, Maggie Q will be on the main news as one photo had been released so far. Not sure if any news one had arise or not. See the below picture of Maggie Q in decent view. This is the only photo that can appear in my blog!

Want to check out how Maggie Q look like when she is with Edison Chen? Go Google it ler. So easy only provided that Kira already do his homework.

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Maggie Q said...

this is not real, it is just the photo from the previous edison project.. watch out the sex tape instead