Friday, February 22, 2008

Missed My Phone Cable So Much

I got a confession to make. I really missed my phone cable! Finally I got a new one of the existing one gone missing more than a month ago which explained why I did not post any more of those interesting photos.

Spent RM 50 just for a cable but still alright I guess as I can now continue to post whatever pictures that I capture using my hand phone. I did capture a lot, but I got problem to transfer it to my old laptop. Very very old indeed, approaching 7 years. 7 years for a laptop, that is really old. I tell you. If I were to give you free, I think you will also throw it back to me.

Pssttt! I got new collection again to add up to my existing collection of soft toy :p

Come let me show you.

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Cute fat MoshiMaru

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Andox? Not sure what is this call, but it is very cute!!!

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