Saturday, February 2, 2008

O Premium Waters

My office currently is under contra with one of the office bottled water company whereby they will provides us with the bottled water every month and we, in return, give them a booth during our event.

But since it is under a contra agreement, I think it will not last long so I am trying to get o premium waters as a backup but too bad that it is not available at my place. I wanted to check out what this premium waters can gives as they are famous for providing highest quality purified water with their exclusive 10 step purification process.

They even can guarantees that their water us purer than anything that you are drinking now by risking a 6 months of service free for you. Oh my! I really wanted to take up the O Premium Waters challenge and also the Esio beverage system which will be launch worldwide in June 2008! That will be another 5 months to go! Hopefully by then I will be able to check it out and ask my boss to buy one from them for office usage!

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