Saturday, February 2, 2008

Great Discovery: Zenni Optical

To find glasses that suit your face is not easy, I am not sure about other people, but for me, it is really a problem and due to that problem, I hardly likes to visit the optometrist or glasses shop to change my spectacle even though I been using it for quite some times. Another problem is the glasses will be costing me a very high pricing tag. Sigh..

But I need to tell you this, I just encounter a Great Discovery: Zenni Optical with Zenni Optical $8 Rx Glasses already solved one of my problem and guess what, another Best Thing Found: Zenni Optical, would be their varieties of choices of frames that can fit my face structure nicely!

Further more with their direct selling of manufacturer frames to the customer, I can save more and get myself a few pieces by just ordering online as they do sell internationally!

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