Saturday, February 23, 2008

Wedding Flower Choas!

I still remember when the time I specifically asked my hubby to order creamy colored lilies as my wedding flowers when we tied our knot 2 years back. I wanted the lilies to be tied together and comes as a hand bouquet that mix well with my creamy golden wedding gown and easier to hold as I know what I will be having problem of holding it if they came in other form. It’s was such a busy times for us whereby we actually forgot to make an early order for the lilies. When our florist told us that did not have any stock on hand, I was devastated as we went over one day before of our wedding to make the order!

At that time, how I wish that I can just go online and get help from Luckily that we have a friend that is very good as his girlfriend's mom is also a florist thus, he helps us to get the lilies that we wanted. Of course, he give us a price that as affordable as is offering.

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