Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Wholesale Sunglasses

I am thinking to have my own shop selling only Wholesale Sunglasses and also some accessories for ladies. I know this is a great business since the demand for sunglasses is so high as people wanted to look smart and wear branded names but with a low price tag.

Well, at the moment I am thinking to get my supplies from
http://www.ctswholesalers.com/ as they offer a very low price. As low as $10 for a dozen of various brand names like D&G, Christian Dior, Adidas, Puma and so forth. With such low price, I can actually sell it to companies that wanted to get something for give away during their promotion and marketing campaign or even as a souvenir for client.
I am also getting all the display from CTS Wholesalers as they have the most choices of the display which can hold up to 120 pairs with affordable price. I like it very much because I can maximize the display of the sunglasses as its take a small area.
At the moment, I have not confirm where I will be opening the stall or selling it online or maybe both, but I know that I can stop worry about the pricing and also where to get my sunglasses as I can count on CTS Wholesalers anytime.

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