Monday, February 4, 2008

Bad Timing of Public Bank

Argh! Stupid Public Bank!

I waited outside of the ATM machine areas there for more than half an hour just watching 2 managers and the technician there talking talking and talking non stop of the problem they are facing for the ATM Machine.

For more than half an hour, they tried to fix the machine but guess from their gesture and shaking of their head, they are not able to fix it BUT since they cannot fix it, don't stand there and talk nonsense and wasting other people times lar! Need to wait for them to finish talking and close the ATM machine then only the guard open the door for us. Stupid like hell!

No brain one! already know today will be a very busy day for people to bank in, withdraw money and still go and fix the machine when the time most people will be going to the bank!

Less pubic problem for us please!!!

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pisang goreng 115,NF said...

you know why it called public bank?
and the meaning 'PUBLIC' is wat? said...

yes, i agree with u, that should told u early in the beginning instead of let customer to wait out site