Friday, March 21, 2008

Crocs Shoes -Even My Boss Wants It!

Crocs Shoes, the little rubbery shoe with holes that look like a crocodiles face. Well, that was my first impression on crocs shoes but after my first time placing my feet inside, I can feel the warm, comfortable feeling up to my face. I can say that it is a real comfort shoe that I ever tried on!

With their cool looking and comfortable design, I wear my first pair to everywhere from jogging, shopping, walking on the beach and even to work with my pencil skirt and a shirt on! Do you believe me? Hey, it's not easy to wear high heel everyday and walk non-stop for few hours, alright. Once in a blue moon, we will need to pamper our feet and don't be so harsh on them, that is why, westway - crocs shoes is the best for me as my boss did not say a thing when he saw me with my crocs in the office. *He went to buy a pair for himself the same day when he saw mine, LOL!*

But I am bad enough as I place a sticky note on his desk the day after telling him about this site at was selling the Crocs Kids Disney at a very worth it price at only £15.00!

Guess what? He went over the site and get another 2 pairs of the Crocs Kid Disney for his children and cream Faux Fur Stoles at only £9.99!!! How can he not buying anything for his children and wife, if they ever found out that he bought the crocs shoe for himself and nothing for them, I think he will definitely get some scold from them! LOL!

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