Sunday, March 23, 2008

Hmm..Extra One Set..

Huh! I just wasted a hundred buck on the new bathroom faucets which ended up not using it at all! This is how the story begins. The other day, my bathroom faucets seem not functioning all and thus I was thinking to get a new set to replace the old one and straight me and hubby went to IKEA to choose a new set. After a few hours in IKEA, we ended up with a new set but guess what. when I reached home, the first thing I saw on the floor of the house is a new set of faucets which my sister in law bought back, saying one of her colleague gave her for present..yikes..if like that, I should not have wasting my money to went all the way to IKEA to buy a new one. Guess I will just throw mine one inside the store room for future usage..

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