Wednesday, March 12, 2008

How Much Money

hmm, how much money that we will actually need if we want to franchise a fast food restaurant? I learned from a conversation between a group of friends when they are debating about the cost of franchising will easily cost you around a million for a small fast food shop and that of course will not be the famous Mcdonald fast food restaurant.

One of my ex-colleague actually spend more than 50K just to franchise a small little lot to sell popiah (a kind spring roll) which of course at the end, she have to closed it due to the ROI is not as much as she think it will be.

But, if you are interested with all these franchise stuff, you might want to surf around to get more information before you can start thinking if you really meet with the criteria of franchising.

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job said...

yeah, very true..need a lot of researches before you can actually involve in the franchising industry..