Sunday, March 9, 2008

Save The World

You would not know the feeling of being a tit when you are not a one. Since today is a Sunday and it's really a happy day with opposition get hold of 5 of the states, I wish to share with you picture that speak by itself. See the below picture for the jokes of today.

So, this tit was talking to the another one and complaining about their saggy look which soon people will going to think that they are nuts instead.

I can tell you that it is true if they do not have some support soon and that is why a shock absorber bra is very important to prevent them to sag more.

Like what elderly would say, prevention is always better than cure and with this phrase, you should know what investing in shock absorber bras and brief or even sport pants will do good for your body part especially now when you are still young. After the skin loses its elasticity, it will soon not be able to support the weight and more over if you are those super athletic one that always push your body to the maximum. Head your way to for instant way of prevention and get yourself a good bras right away!

Save the tits, save the world! Ops sorry, what I meant is save yourself from become saggy.

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