Monday, March 24, 2008

My Home Plans

I know that looking and searching for a new house is a very troublesome problem especially if you are living together with your parent in law or maybe a few siblings that may have their own preference of new house they wanted to live in. Thus making the process of finding the right House Plans a bit more difficult than if you are just living as a couple as lesser people will have lesser opinion.

For my case, my Home Plans includes a big living room with a small kitchen as I am not a cooking person. I rather have a nice big and comfortable living room rather than sharing the space with something that do not really like doing. Apart than that, bedrooms will need to be at least big enough to place in a king size bed with a couch inside to ensure a better environment. Other than that, I am quite alright with them being small or not as big as I expected. One of the home plans that I saw really interest me is the Log home plans but too bad that my place do not have such home plans here. If not I will definitely choose that as I love to have a house made from logs.

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