Monday, March 24, 2008

Stop The Time

Normally Monday would be the day for me to lazed around in the office as I will not have any mood to work. I think most of the people are also the same as Monday are always consider as the Monday blues day whereby 99% of those who are working will feel that Monday is a dragging day to go to work. I can tell you that I hate Monday, every single hours, I will look at my watch and wish that the time will be a little bit faster so that I can pack up my things and go back home.

For me, my working day only starts on Tuesday and not Monday.
Maybe because of growing older days by days, my perception on Monday changed. Sometimes I wishes that the time will be ticking slowly, slow enough for me to enjoy the day, slow enough for me to slowly do my work and the night will not be seen so early. I have this kind of scare to face the next day feeling inside me that I wish that I can just stop the time or better still if I have a remote control that I can control the time. To forward and rewind it accordingly. Now I understand the phrase of Chinese believe on

"When you are young, you want the time to fast forward, and when you are old, you just want it to stop right there".

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Ichitaka Leingod said...

Wow, wat a special clock, nice...!

Dont we all wish we have a time machine? haha...