Wednesday, April 2, 2008

I Dream To Las Vegas

I am so freaking lazy right now. I think I am infected with the lazy worm and if I can find a pillow right now. I am sure that I will dozed off in less than a second and then starts dreaming of myself having fun and relaxing at Las Vegas Hotels. Haha, fall asleep already still can dream of having vacation right? Some more in Las Vegas, truly a nice place to have my vacation.

Well, I started to save for my next vacation since it's been a long time I did not go for any of them. This time, I intend to go to Las Vegas and clubbing all the way. I want to be their VIP guest, enjoying my self in the casino, club and their spa. I want to go on tour to every inch of Vegas and especially during the night time. I am sure the scene will be a true beauty!

Of course, I am not going to follow their packages, as they offering DIY packages and I am sure to pick those tour that I like minus those boring stuff.

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