Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Never though that being a nurse, a doctor or even a dental hygienist can look so nice! All the while inside my mind, all of them will need to be in their white old fashion uniform and now thanks to Scrubs & Beyond, they will never be the same again. You might want to check out their collection of dickies scrubs all came in colourful, beautiful and energetic colour and pattern which I think you can even go shopping wearing the scrubs.

By the way, one of my colleague just bought a top that look the same like what I am seeing inside the collection of cherokee medical scrubs. See for yourself, its look like a normal beautiful top that you normally can see from the famous boutique? One really good thing is that their sizes range from XS to 5X which normally you won't be seeing these odd sizes.

I am now checking out some of the scrubs at Barco metro scrubs and am planning to get myself one of two to be delivered to me straight away as the price tag seem to be affordable and seem like I like a few of the design there!

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