Monday, April 7, 2008

Insurance Time..

Aiks, I am going to be broke next month. My auto insurance going to due in few weeks time and due to this is only the second year, I need to fork out around 2K just for the insurance. Which mean, I will need to stop going to the mall, stop buying things, stop eating nice meal, start with Gardenia bread everyday for breakfast, skip my lunch and cook Maggie Mee for dinner just to make sure I will have enough to pay for the insurance.

Well, maybe I can take this chance to be on a diet and see how much weight I can loose by skipping meals and eating only bread for breakfast.


Keong said...

My auto insurance also end at in this month.... plus road tax !!!

I am broke too....

babyfiona said...

keong - haha, then goodluck! :D