Monday, April 7, 2008

My Experience With Ink Pen

Each time I passed by the counter selling ink pens inside book shop or stationery shop, I will laugh at myself. How can I stop myself when I remember when I am around 11 years old, out of curiosity I sucked in the all the ink inside the pen as I was wondering how come the ink inside the pen never drip out from the back and guess what I did? I went to the extend and suck it!

Of course I learned my lesson as after that day, I had my whole tongue in blue colour for 2 days and my mom was laughing at me but at the same time, she was worried to death as she was scared that the ink will give me after effect action. Anyway, I am still alive until now LOL. Guess that ink did not do any harm to me, just that leave me with a shy and stupid experience.

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