Friday, April 18, 2008

Pregnant??? EEEWWWW!!!

Alright I am not discriminating nor I am against this (OK! I AM AGAINST IT!) but my mind really cannot accept the fact that a man would be able to carry a baby inside his tummy. What kind of nonsense is this? Man are created to be the donor of the sperm and the women will be the carrier, and that was the plan of the creator of us but why the hell, some of us will wanted to change this and make the life and the world fill with something this non-sense!

I was checking out at Pookyma like normal and ended up having this disgusted feeling, dizziness and light headed that I cannot explain why the heck I am reacting like this. Might be my brain was so disgusted with this kind of idea and I am sure, if "touch wood" I would not be able to carry a baby myself, I WOULD NOT WANT MY HUSBAND to carry one! I am willing to scarified and turn to alternative way to have kids. May it be adoption or maybe I will allow my hubby to have another wife *if I am so damn unlucky ok*, but I WILL NEVER ever want my hubby to carry the child. NO WAY! I mean WTF! how can a man carry a baby in the tummy. one word

Want to see for yourself, WTF am i talking about, check out the website here at I don't think I will have any mood for my dinner as I will puke anytime soon...

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