Thursday, April 17, 2008

I Also Want

While I was in the office today, one of my friend who are so into natural product nudge me on msn and urged me to check out a link she sent to me. She mentioned to me that she wanted to try the products inside and she want to ask my opinion for the products.

I was quite busy at the time and I asked her to give me 10 minutes, after I finished off the things I am rushing, I went over to the site and guess what, I discover something called Kava Kava. Shameless to say, this is my first time I heard about Kava products or Kona Kava Farm which is so famous in Hawaii and their Awa even labeled as National Drink of Fiji!

After browsing for some times, I replied my friend asking count me in if she is going to order online for kava products as I do also curios want to try it out!

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