Thursday, April 17, 2008

Reload My Phone

Aiks! I forgot to reload my mobile again and unlucky for me, it’s expiring on me again! I think I will need to set alarm or reminder inside my hand phone to remind me to go any 7 Eleven or hand phone shop to buy the prepaid phone card!

Talking about prepaid phone card, I just stumble upon a site selling prepaid phone cards whereby you can use it to call international destinations from Asia countries to Middle East and Europe with cheaper rates compare with others phone card companies.

I had once bought a phone card from this company that claimed they are the cheapest call card but then again, I think I never read their terms and conditions whereby I ended up using all my credit in just a few minutes just for a call from Malaysia to United Kingdom! I am so frustrated that I promised myself not to buy any prepaid phone card from that particular company again but then again, there is not much choice in my area here.

Luckily I found The Rich Com! I can get my prepaid phone card cheaper and most impressive thing is that, they will instantly deliver it to us online! Their website, for me, is very user friendly and at the same thing, the simple and plain design enables me, to browse the site easily and to tell you the truth, I can find the things and information I wanted, easily and without much hassle! Well, anyone need to reload your mobile phone? check them out!

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