Friday, May 9, 2008

Balance Transfer 0%

I believe that almost 85% of adult age 18 and above already have 1 or more credit cards under their name, either as the primary holder or as the supplementary holder. It is actually very convenience to the user as one does not need to bring so much cash along with them, when they wanted to travel and especially if they wanted to buy something which may cost more than 1,000 and above. Just imagine how bulky your wallet will be with such amount inside it. (Well, that if you can actually squeeze them in) and how much time you will be wasting if you need to make reservation for your flight ticket if you do not own one.

I actually get myself one credit card just for pumping petrol at gas station to avoid the queue and for purchase of flight tickets online just to make sure that I do not need to drive all the way to the travel agent and then only make the reservation. Well that is another story.

But sometimes, I really do not favor some of the terms and fees that this particular credit card company imposes on us, the user. So what did I do? Of course I will find a good credit card and request for Balance Transfer from the existing card to a Zero Interest credit card. I do not loss anything from there as well as need to pay any fees at all because my preferred credit card provides me with a 0% on balance transfers. It's a good catch I guess! For those who having problem with your existing credit cards, try look for such services and do a Balance Transfer today!

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