Friday, May 9, 2008

The Death Of Too Hui Min - National Service Trainee

What the hell is wrong with the government? Why every single batch of the National Service trainee programme must end up with disaster? Why every time also got one or two of the trainee that will not be able to go back home!

National service (NS) trainee Too Hui Min had been complaining about her constipation for several days before she died and no one at the camp actually bring her to the hospital or even clinic to find out what was wrong her until she died. Walauyeh! Like that, people never die no need to bring to the hospital! Oh My God, When I was reading the news in the just a moment ago, my mind suddenly have this conclusion. If I have any children, I will DEFINITELY NOT GOING TO SEND THEM TO NATIONAL SERVICE AT ALL!!!!

How can I trust the government on handling our kids when each and every time we read about this kind of incident happen? This is not the first time, not the second time and not even the third time! Hello! they think it is easy to carry the child in the tummy for 9 + months, give birth to them, then raise them until teenager, almost become an adult and now, no sorry, no explanation, they said, your son / daughter will never be coming home after they attended the National Service!! MY GOD!

Too Hui Min

Shocking news to the Too Family members

I am telling you, I really do not hope reading this kind of thing happen to our children (no different in race) in the future. How can they keep this thing repeating again and again? What the use of conducting an internal investigation when the result are still the same? The fact is, she is dead under the care (ya right) of the National Service Training Camp!

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