Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Cheap Hotels

Did anyone know any Cheap Singapore Hotels that are good enough for a nice and relaxing vacation? I am thinking to visit Singapore again but this time, I wanted to check around first for affordable hotels as the last time, the one I went through cost us more than 300 bucks per nights and we ended up in a small tiny room without the wardrobe. Two days of stays already cost us around 700 bucks plus the taxes. From that time onward, whenever I wanted to visit anywhere, I will sure check out any site for Cheap Kualu Lumpur Hotels, Cheap Hanoi Hotels, Cheap Bangkok Hotels so that next time whenever I wanted to visit any one of the cities, I can just make the reservation without need to search around again. What I need to do is only check back the site that my friends recommended to me and then compare the prices before make any reservation.

Well, any nice affordable hotels to recommend?

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