Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Vagina Dentata

Anyone watch this movie called "Teeth" before?? I am watching it right now and find it quite interesting about the Vagina Dentata subject. So, I went to check out what it is about and guess what, it's does have a page inside the wikipedia! Interesting!

So Vagina dentata, what it is about? Check out it below!

Vagina dentata is Latin for toothed vagina. Various cultures have folk tales about women with toothed vaginas, frequently told as cautionary tales warning of the dangers of sex with strange women.

The vagina dentata appears in the myths of several cultures. Erich Neumann relays one such myth in which “A fish inhabits the vagina of the Terrible Mother; the hero is the man who overcomes the Terrible Mother, breaks the teeth out of her vagina, and so makes her into a woman.”[1]

The myth expresses the threat sexual intercourse poses for men who, although entering triumphantly, always leave diminished.[2]

The vagina dentata has proven a captivating image for many artists and writers, particularly among surrealist or psychoanalytic works. Although the myth is associated with the fear of castration, it is often falsely attributed to Sigmund Freud. Freud never mentions the term in any of his psychoanalytic work and it runs counter to his own ideas about castration. For Freud, the vagina signifies the fear of castration because the young (male) child assumes that women once had a penis that is now absent.[3] The vagina, then, is the result of castration, not the cause of it.

Interesting right?? Why till you read this..

In 2005, inventor Sonette Ehlers introduced The Rapex, an anti-rape female condom which can be inserted into the vaginal canal like a diaphragm. The product is lined with microscopic barbs which attach to a rapist's penis and which must be surgically removed. In an article about the Rapex, Ehlers stated that she was inspired to invent the device after meeting a victim who told her, "If only I had teeth down there."

And this is the look of The Rapex!

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Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

So, Raper BEWARE!! Finally there are something that can actually protect us from the those beast!!


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