Saturday, May 10, 2008

Experience Of Flight Attendants

I think I have a few friends will be happy with this flight attendant blog. From this blog, they can actually know more about flight attendant as a career. Not only they can they can know more about the formal side of the flight attendant career but also the non-formal side as well. This blog is full of real stories from real flight attendants that can give all those who like to join in the industry more imminent into this occupation.

Author by John and Tifane Grayce, its has more than 70 posts that talks about flight attendant career, flight attendant school as well as their experience or things they encounter when they are on duty.

I am not a flight attendant myself nor I am interested to join but then again, I find this blog quite interesting as they are sharing something that we will not going to taste it ourselves. Only those who are involves with such career will be able to experience it and well, I guess they are good enough to share it with us. Don't you think so?


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petite - linked you as well. thanks