Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Fala Chen

She is pretty, she have the look, but I don't like her.

She is no other than Fala Chen. She was Miss Asian America for the year 2002, Miss NY Chinese Year 2002, Runner up for Miss Chinatown USA 2003 (Miss Chinese Chamber of Commerce) and Runner up for Miss Chinese International 2005.

First time I saw her acting was the A Journey Called Life. Her roles as a bitchy sister of the main lead actor was really the big fat factor that gave me a very bad impression on her. LOL, she must be damn good in carrying her bitchy role as I think the role really suit her well. The second and the one I am watching is Catch Me Now, where her roles as one of the main actor's wife also contained a little bit of bitchiness and a little bit " not using her brain" kind of roles are the main damage to her total image. ( Well, to me)

Maybe next time I should get myself watching her in a roles whereby she will be the good girl and not those roles carrying bitchy style .

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