Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Wedding Flower

I remember when I first started to plan for my wedding day, I went to a few florists asking if they have my favourite flower, Amaryllis in two colours. I know it is not easy to get this kind of flower at my place here but then again, I really like to have them as my wedding flower. For me, price will not be a problem at that particular time as I only get married once in my lifetime. Haha but then again, money can not solve all the problems as after a search of more than a long time, what I get from all the supplier are either "no we do not have such stock" or "sorry, there is no way we can import the flower in for your in time". Well, there goes half of my dream but luckily I found a very nice wedding gown to at least can make myself happy.

Thinking back, I should check out as this site provides wedding events with wholesale roses, calla lilies, rose petals, gerbera, daisies and many other flowers and greens as well. I had just check out their website and I saw my favourite flower in there.

Selling at a very affordable price of 36 stems for $239.99 and 64 stems for $299.99, I will sure go for the second choice! By the way, the flower will reach me within 2 or 3 days being cut so definitely it will reach me in a very fresh look! Too bad I did not check out the website last time..regret man!

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