Monday, May 19, 2008

Food Allergy

I don't like it when someone eating my favorite’s foods in front of me but me, myself can not eat the food. Its actually happen a few times whereby my friend eat the foods that are forbidden to me and yet they keep on showing it to me and asked me a few times, if I wanted some of the foods! HMPH! So bad of them! I would accept the food if I am not allergic to them. But then again, sometimes we really do not know what do us allergic to.

Normally, for me, if I developed rashes or itchiness right after some meal, then I will skip that particular food the next time because I will not going to bear the circumstances at all due to the fact that some allergy will causes death.

I have not talk to anyone before regard to my allergy to some particular seafood but I do check out the World Wide Web regards to the information on allergy and I came across the, a community which talks about food allergies. Like me, there are many people has allergy to certain food, but they are not sure what food they should be avoiding and thus, they can check out as a guide and study all the useful information provided by the users.

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