Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Wesak Day 19 May 2008

Nearly cannot wake up today! Reached office at 9.45 am and yet, nobody is in the office yet except the boss and the new guy! hahaha I thought that I will be the last person but yet, I am not.

I think this habit is going out the way, if my boss did not say anything, I think everyone will be coming into office at around 9.30 ++ and some even came at around 10 ++ am! Believe it or not? I got this super "special" colleague, who everyday came into the office at around 10++ am and then went out for lunch at 1 or 2 pm, came back around 1 and a half hours or 2 hours or sometimes, never came back at all!

"Keng" (super) or not?

So, how as your Wesak day celebration? Being the lazy me, I did not celebrate at all, only went to the temple on Sunday evening and light up the flower candle, that is! Nothing much and nothing more.


Johnny Ong said...

tat's not keng la, u termed that guy as a keng fella ah?

i wld say that he's fully irresponsible and an opportunist on circumstances. its a guy that i wont trust also la.

that's my 2 cents hehe

babyfiona said...

johnny ong - its a "she" actually haha. Keng chau lar..of course we do not trust her especially on those important things lo..

-ritchie- said...

wa.. ur boss so good? just like the 'monster' in my family.. won't scold ppl when they late.. but only will scold me for late.. deng..

babyfiona said...

ritchie - haha, i think u r loved by the "monster" hehe. Special treatment :p