Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Page Rank Updated

So the big G had just updated the Page Rank thing. Anyone of you noticing a change in your Page Rank? Mine does not change at all but one of my blog jumped from PR0 to PR1 in just 3 months time. But then again, that blog only have slightly more than 10 posts. Weird way of calculating the Page Rank kind of thing right. I wonder if the old ways of calculating Page Rank are still applies as this blog does have a very little backlinks and almost no achieve in the World Wide Web.

Anyway, I am happy to see another blog of mine getting PR. haha I am not complaining at all. By the way, today as I am blog hopping I saw someone are complaining the Big G are PMSing! I think the blogger was smacked by the Big G. I wonder when I will lose my PR for this blog as I lost it once few months back and I am not surprise that the Big G come and take it back again.

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