Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Umbrella Supermarket?

Umbrella Supermarket? What is that? A place selling different types and different colours of umbrellas? The supermarket must be a very big place to store such so many types of umbrella. Hmm, maybe I should go and take a look at their site at

* Click on the website and take a peek*

Aiks! I am totally wrong about the whole idea! It’s got nothing to do with selling anything related to umbrellas and guess what. You will be surprised as well if you check out the site yourself. LOL!

Now only I know that an umbrella company is actually a company that acts as an employer to independent contractors who work under temporary contract. As most of the recruitment agencies will only issue contracts to a limited company, the only way a contractor can get their self in the business is either setting up another personal limited company or they can just join in and use an Umbrella company.

For me, if I am a contractor I will choose to be under an Umbrella company as its does not require for any fees for joining (the umbrella supermarket) and also I will be free from all the hassle of setting up a new personal limited company right?

Want to get more information? Visit their website straight away!

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