Wednesday, May 7, 2008

PaintBall Game

Hohoho! I could not wait for the day to come. In 2 weeks time, I am going to play it for the first time ever in my life! I know, I am such a noob in this kind of thing but hey everyone will have their first time right? So, mine will be in 2 weeks time and I am sure that I will be enjoying it excluding the pain.

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Ops sorry, I forgot to mention that I am going for a paintball game. What are your dirty brain thinking? I am just saying about having my first time paintball game with a bunch of my old friends. Anyway, one of my friends already has a full set of gear by tippmann. I think she get it from this website called as its offer low prices and free shipping on the guns, goggles, Airsoft equipment and gear as well. So if she orders the set from there, I am not surprise as well.

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