Thursday, May 1, 2008

Regret Regret!

I regretted that I bought the new water heater 2 weeks ago! I should listen to hubby and wait for the tankless water heater which he said he saw inside the internet to reach my place. Too bad that I did not listen to him and went ahead with my own plan which resulting I am banging my head on the wall as the one I bought does not really as good as I read in the magazine. Sigh!! Some more I thought I can save a bit and choose the one without pump option and guess what. Without the pump, the water pressure is not high enough to pump up until my room.

Now I have to pay extra to get the external pump so that I can have enough water for bathing. If not I will be ending up in the bathroom for at least half an hour as the water pressure is more like a kid is peeing...

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