Saturday, May 3, 2008


I am now planning to have my own kid. Of course there are so many thing that I have to do before having one like checking out which life insurance I should be getting for him or her. About her education planning and so much more. oh boy, it is not easy to have our own kids right?

Even before conceiving, we already need to plan so many thing beforehand because we wanted to give them the best for them when they are here and for their future. Like what I mentioned, I am looking at the most important one which is the life insurance, the next will only be their education planning as for me, I think health is the most important aspect in our life. No health means no future.

Anyway, I am giving myself a hard time as I am just start to plan even before I trying for a baby. Maybe I should slow down a bit and just browse around for some insurance programme and then only decides when I hit the jackpot. Right?


New Kid on the Blog said...

first, you dont need to rush yourself to give the child anything till you have the child. second, you should not give yourself a hard time to conceive one. third, you should relax yourself and give yourself a break by going for a holiday like Pangkor Laut Resort (check out my blog), ...
Do share your good news once 'hit'. :)

Anonymous said...

well itz a good plan but give urself sometime b4 u go there :P hehe lol

but i like the way u think tho