Wednesday, June 4, 2008

From 1.92 to 2.70 per Liter..

The petrol price will going up later at 12.00 am sharp. At this moment, as I was just back from my dinner, I saw a lot of cars queuing up and even blocked the whole road just to pump the petrol. You should have seen the queue here and I promise you, you will go "woah"!

Going up by 80 cents per liter, I am going to spend another 150 bucks on my next month credit card bill. Many of my friends were complaining since today afternoon right after the announcement by our prime minister and they were talking about the subject of walking to office, cycle to walk and so forth. Some even said that they will not going to have breakfast and lunch anymore so that they can save on that and use the money for the petrol price.

I guess everyone are indeed need of some cash advance probate loans right now so help them to ease their burden. Me, myself is considering to apply for cash advance if I really cannot stand it. Well, let see how's it goes 2 weeks from now. If I am being able to stand the 2 weeks, I will not need to apply for it but then again, the possibilities will be very low.

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