Saturday, June 21, 2008

Repair or Buy New?

Which do you think is better?

1. Buy a new air conditioner


2. Fix the air conditioning compressor ?

If I choose the 1st option, I will need to fork out at least RM 850.00 and plus the installation fees of RM 150.00 which totaled up to RM 1,000.00 but then again, if I send the compressor out to fix, I will not know what is wrong with it. Even just asking the man to check out what is wrong with the compressor already cost me about RM 80.00. Whether it can be fix or not, I will not know unless am willing to pay for the RM 80.00 but what if after check-up, it is beyond the repair stage or the repair fees might cost around RM 500.00 to RM 600.00 ?

With such amount, I can just add another few hundred and get a new one with warranty and need not worry about it for at least a year time. Aiyo! I am getting headache just by thinking of it!

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