Monday, June 23, 2008

The Teenage Me

I know I got nothing better to do to come out with this magazine with my face on it. LOL titled Teen Girl Magazine some more. I wish I can still be a teen where everyday I woke up, I will not need to think about adult problem.

Money problem, family problem, work problem, this problem that problem, left problem and even right also got problem. Being a teen was such a nice dream for me. Being freely doing whatever things I like, running around here and there with some guys, playing jokes on our mate, or even brave ourself in into the guy's toilet. Fuh, was such a great time and great memories.

If I am given the opportunity to change the time, I would want to go back to the days when I am still a teenage where there is no such word as problem. Even if the petrol price hike until its blow out the whole country also will not effecting me as a teenager because I truly are happy when I was a teenager. Well except for the "relationship" part. LOL!

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