Monday, June 23, 2008

Nice Hotels

I do not know why every single time I went for vacation, I seem to book the wrong hotels. It's either their service or it's their management. I had once stayed at a hotel in Bangkok that the room was filled with cockroaches! Then there was this time, when I am staying at this 4 stars hotel that cost about USD200 per night which their services suck like hell. Well the others just forget about it. Not only me who is affected, even my boss also came back and complained to me on the hotels that I booked for him which I did not use EasyToBook when he went for a business trip to New York and his personal trip to London to visit his son.

I regret that I did not check out EasyToBook where I can actually find Nice Hotels without much trouble. Well, guess I will starts using this site from now on for of course my convenient as well as to get nice hotels.

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