Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Branding Is Essential

I had always wanted to open a boutique cum cafe if my financial allows me to. I had never liked the life of working under other people and especially the life of 9-5 office working hours. I love waking up anytime I wish to and then start opens my cafe cum boutique targeting only for those customers I known. Yes, it is by invitation or friend bring in-kind of cafe, which means, not everyone can actually drop by and come into my cafe for a cup of nice coffee where I am thinking to import directly from France. Not only that, all the clothing will be flown in directly from France as well.

I know that this business will have very high risk as it will not open to everyone but only to those who are invited and thus, Branding is the main essential to make sure that I will have enough customer at the end of the day to cover the cost of the operation.

I am thinking to get help from Brand Identity Guru Corporate, famously known as BIG Inc, which offers professional services in brand and implementation for companies that need proper brand building. I am sure that with their help, my cafe cum boutique will going to be a success!

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