Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Go Play Far Away!

I hate it when I needed to call the applicants to ask them to come for an interview. All sort of rubbish you can get from them especially those when you call them, they sound like they just wake up! And I called them around 11 am - 12 pm..on weekdays..

How can I not be mad when I hear stupid answers like these:-

1. Can I come on Friday or Thursday, I have something important to do tomorrow!
My Thoughts - Yah right, you going for another interview right? Just tell the truth if someone asking you nicely, don't give me such answer. You think my boss is very free to interview you alone?

2. What position I am applying?
My Thoughts - This is even worst, how can you applied for a job and you DO NOT remember what job you applied??? Means you been sending lots of resume out and each of the positions re different???

3. Sorry, can i have your full address?
After repeating 3 times to her, she still does not get what is a "/" means
My Thoughts - Bloody hell! the fella really got hearing problem or brain damages! I even need to give her an example of her own address with the "/" !!

4. See you when and when but ended up never show up and no calls to inform
My Thoughts - Damn sui! Luckily he never show his face here. If not when he starts works only show his tail lagi susah!

It's not fun at all calling all this people as one out of five persons will sure hit you on the head and spoil your day ahead. Well, mine one sucked just after the 3 calls for inviting them to an interview. Oh by the way, some even sound cocky when you inviting them for an interview, "like what is the job description, what I need to do?".

Want to know, then come for an interview lar! When you apply the time, you never ope your big fat lazy eyes and read carefully meh??


Mummy In Vain said...

Nowadays there are many king and queen employees!! I met with this when I was running my learning centre last time.

Let's forget about it! May I ask you for a tour.... :)

bokjae said...

Hi fiona, I've something for you at my place, come get it! Thanks!

Ichitaka Leingod said...

byk orang, byk ragam... just dont care them! XD

babyfiona said...

mummy in vain - thanks for the tour!

bokjae - thank you so much!

ichitaka - how to not care lar, i almost vomited blood when I called them