Sunday, July 20, 2008

I remember when I was small and still

I remember when I was small and still in primary school, every 3 months once, there will be a van with lots of cultured drink inside for us to buy with price lower than the normal retail price outside from the school area. Normally I will try to get the money from my mom the day before and then buy around 6 or 7 bottles of the cultured drinks and bring back home for my brothers and sisters to drink as well. It is a happy moment since we can get the cultured drinks at a cheaper price.

But I was wondering if they have this YoNaturals Vending Health Food for Schools, then it will be very good. Well, from my point of view, if I have the cash now, I will invest in one of the machine because myself, been there as a kid before and thus, I know that a lot of kid will get to this vending machine and buy their food and drink from it. For them, it is something like a game for them but at the same time, they can buy healthy foods and drinks.

To those who are interested to become a distributor, contact them soonest possible and start your vending businesses!

Aw! this vending machine remind me of those soft toy vending machine!

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