Thursday, July 24, 2008

Nuvefemme Increase Breast Size?

Wooo...just read something interesting.

Take Nuvefemme can increase our breast size! Anyone tried before? It's stated inside their blog how actually the Nuvefemme helps in increasing the breast size is byt the active ingredient inside it, the genistein which mimics the effect of the female hormone, estrogen and this will stimulate the developmenf of the breast to give fuller and firmer bust-line!

Very Nuvefemme can help to level out the wild fluctuation resulting in more tolerable monthly cycle as well as reducing the severity of period pains and cramps. I wonder how effective this can be!

Well, got to get to the nearest pharmacy and buy a box and let see if my breast will be bigger or not in 6 months time. LOL!

Oh! check out their blog at Nuvefemme

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