Thursday, July 24, 2008

Saving Account

I heard from a friend of mine complaining about her bank that is holding her Savings Account. She told me that, the bank were charging lot and lot of fees which does not making any sense at all. She was once charged for the service of getting a print out copy for her statement and the reason given was they need to charge her for the paper and also the ink they used to print out the statement. She was really furious about this matter as that was the first time she ever get charged for that.

I actually advise her, next time whenever she wanted to open up a new account, please make sure that you actually reads and understand the bank policy before you put down your signature on any legal papers that binds you with their terms and conditions. There is no use, even if she lodge a complain for charging her the fees because it may already stated inside the terms and conditions when she open the account.

Well, if she want to open a new account, she should get WaMu bank that offer online savings benefit and features such as below:-

Free Online Banking
Free Electronic statements
Maintain a minimum balance of $300.00 each day of the monthly statement cycle to avoid the monthly service charge amount of $4.00.

Oh by the way, there is no monthly service charge when you open Online Savings account with WaMu Free Checking!

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