Thursday, July 3, 2008

Sleepy To The Maximum

I am so freaking sleepy! Aih..another 3 to 4 hours away before I can go out and find a doctor. I am still wondering how am I suppose to tell my boss that I am going to MC again today as yesterday I already took a day off due to I am not feeling too good. Maybe I can work from home, better than I rushing in and out the office washroom or maybe kicking them out from the washroom when I am in the urge to release.

God, I swear this is the only time I am getting this UTI thing! No next time! HOPEFULLY but I read that UTI is a very normal thing that will effect mostly women as our urethra seem to be shorter than guys. And pregnant women is on the high possibility of getting it due to the growth of the baby pushing the urethra. Sigh..being a women is hard..


Ichitaka Leingod said...

eh u pregnant ka? congrats wor...! XD

babyfiona said...

ichitaka - no would'nt want to know what happen..haha