Thursday, July 3, 2008

Wedding Gift For The Bridesmaid

Well, since that I am not going to sleep, let me browse around for some bridesmaid gifts for my friend. She is going to get married this coming October and I guess that she would not be able to get the gift for her bridesmaid as well as the groomsman since she will be super busy from now on.

I remember that when I get married one and a half year back, I was so busy that I actually forgot all about my bridesmaid. She actually helped me a lot and she was the only person that help me all the way like a professional wedding planner but I was really tied that I did not get this best bridesmaid anything at all. She was good enough to said that it is alright since that she just wanted to help me out but then again, I am feeling down because of this.

Hopefuly my friend will not going to experience this with her bridesmaid. I will try to find online in wedding stores to get her the best personalized wedding favors

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